VTA for Rega arms

VTA for Rega arms

Rega builds excellent tonearms however all are characterized by a lack of possibility of height adjustment. An adaptation to different installation situations and different heights of pick-ups is not possible. Accessory spacers are available in 2mm height.

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It is necessary to take the arm out also take the cable out. Then put spacer over the cable and all the cable back. All this with a mounted expensive cartridge in your arm.TIf you are lucky the 2mm are ok. But most of the time its too much or not enough. So the height is still not perfectly alligned.

How can dissolve the problem? It’s easy with our Spacer Set made from Stainless Steel. It allows you to adjust the height from 0.5mm to 3.5mm in precise steps of 0.5mm.

And the best-all without removing the tone arm. Only open the screws insert the AS-spacer lock the screws-ready.