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Acoustic Signature Crystal

Acoustic Signature Crystal

The Crystal Turntable combines the fantastic acrylic look and the hardness of the glass. The glass itself is almost completely devoid of damping properties, so for sound reasons it is not the best choice.

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Acryl in turn is very sensitive to dust and scratches. In the turntable Crystal used a glass “sandwich” with a transparent dampening foil between the two layers. A heavy-duty, good-looking material with good damping properties was created for the perfectly-tuned turntable chassis. In addition to turntables, one of the most advanced engine systems and a heavy fat plate was used.

The turntable utilized a newly developed 34 mm thick solid aluminum plate and a weight of 6 kg. Aluminum is very soft, in order to optimize periodic resonance. The bottom side of the plate is covered with a material that reduces vibration, so that they are very quickly blown out. The surface of the plate looks like a mirror, and the effect is achieved using diamond cutting tools.

Bearing is the heart of every turntable, so Acoustic Signature has created a perfect fit and low friction bearing that retains its stable performance over a long period of time. Tridorfolon 2 material, which is a modified version of Tridorfolone, is adapted for smaller loads at the Crystal turntable base. The bearing is made of specially hardened and polished steel with a ball on its base. The bearing cover is perfectly matched to the high temperature, self-lubricating bronze inserts, so this turntable element is almost maintenance-free.

The external turntable motor is controlled by its own electronics, which is called smallAlpha. The design of the motor controller is based on the design of its “bigger brother,” the Alpha controller, which is used in more expensive Acoustic Signature turntables. It transforms the alternating current into a constant and then produces the perfect AC sinusoid with a perfectly stable 12 V voltage that the motor is driven on. Thanks to the stability of the voltage, the turntable’s rotation is perfectly even. The engine power supply is immune to the negative effects of power fluctuations in the outlet and interference generated by household appliances.

The mounting plates in the base of the arm are removable and allow the assembly of any nine-inch arm.

Three adjustable feet allow you to accurately level the turntable.