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The Model 112 is a completely new look from Jeff Rowland Design Group, demonstrating increased value and a smaller physical size, as well as a departure from the battery design of some of their older products.

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The Model 112 features a unique two-tier design that isolates the amplifier section from the power supply. This serves to keep the sensitive amplifier circuitry shielded from the electrically noisy power supply. Unlike other “audiophile” amplifiers, the Rowland Model 112 avoids the temptation of breaking the amplifier into two (or four, for monoblocks) chassis. The Model 112 is an integrated product with a purpose.

Model 112 Stereo Power Amplifier Specifications
Output Power: Continuous RMS watts @ 8 ohms 150 watts @ 4 ohms 275 watts
Power Bandwidth: DC to 160 kHz, -3 dB
Slew Rate: 30 volts/microsecond
THD + Noise: 60, 20 to 20 kHz
Gain (1 watt, 8 ohms): User Selectable Internal Jumper, 26 dB or 32 dB
Input Impedance: 40k ohms
Common Mode Rejection Ratio: >80 dB, 20 – 20 kHz
Absolute Phase: Phase-Inverted

Power Supply: 500 VA toroidal transformer with 100,000 MFD total storage capacitance. Regulated frontend supply.
Power Consumption: 75 watts idle, 700 watts maximum Both Channels Driven Simultaneously at Full Output Power
Inputs: User Selectable, 2 x Balanced XLR 2 x Unbalanced RCA
Outputs: One Pair Binding Posts per Channel
Dimensions: 17.5” W x 11.7” D x 5.2” H 44.5cm W x 33.5cm D x 14.5cm H
Weight: 55 lbs. 24.5 kg
Shipping Dimensions: 24” W x 22” D x 13” H 61cm W x 56cm D x 33cm H
Shipping Weight: 65 lbs. 29.4 kg