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Using trickle down technology from the award-winning C-1000f control amplifier, this remarkably flexible control amplifier, is probably the only preamplifier available today that features tone controls that be can be activated or disengaged from the comfort of your listening chair via the remote control.

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Three single-ended and two balanced inputs. Five single-ended and two balanced outputs. Phase switch on the front panel. Has Luxman’s latest compact version of the LECUA 1000-WM volume control (Luxman Electric Controlled Ultimate Attenuator with Weighting Matrix Technology) as well as the electronic input selector. Luxman’s most advanced ODNF circuit is employed, release 2.4—as featured in the C-1000f—and delivers state-of-the art musical performance.

Simple circuit configuration

LECUA 1000WM unifies the amplifier, volume control functions and power supply in a three dimensional module, resulting in a circuit that is electrically very simple. Long-term reliability is excellent, with performance and sound quality that will remain unchanged also after prolonged use.

LECUA 1000WM uses analog processing

The LECUA 1000WM circuit converts the music signal from a voltage into a current, switches gain by means of switching on the attenuates, and then reconverts the current into a voltage. The entire process is carried out in the analog domain.

Same ergonomic feel as a conventional high-quality volume control

The counter balanced volume control knob position is detected by a dedicated CPU which in turn selects the current switches for LECUA 1000WM operation. Operating the knob therefore feels exactly the same as with a conventional control, and operation via the remote control is also possible.

Mute and Balance control are also implemented by LECUA 1000WM

The functions of the attenuator and the left/right balance control are covered by the LECUA 1000WM circuit as well, eliminating the need for additional circuit stages. Keeping the configuration simple helps to maintain high performance and sonic purity.

LECUA 1000WM is a radically different volume control principle that eliminates all variable resistors from the signal path and provides top-notch performance and sound quality. Because the music signal is not affected by changes in impedance, high signal-to-noise ratio and low distortion are maintained at any volume control setting.

LECUA 1000WM ensures high S/N ratio and uniform frequency response

Unlike conventional volume controls, LECUA 1000WM does not introduce a change in impedance at any volume setting. Consequently, there is no deterioration of S/N ratio and frequency response remains totally uniform. The benefits are especially apparent at settings that correspond to normal listening levels, because the sound remains perfectly transparent and the tonal quality is not altered in any way.

No more left/right tracking differences or crosstalk

Because LECUA 1000WM is an electronic circuit employing fixed-value resistors, there is virtually no left/right tracking error also at low volume levels. Since channels can be kept separate, crosstalk also does not present a problem.

There is a tape processor loop as well as fully adjustable bass and treble controls from the remote control.

The phase of each balanced input can be set individually. As can the phase of the balanced outputs. There is an overall phase adjustment also available from both the front panel and the remote control.

The delicate music of the low level signal is protected from unnecessary vibration and degradation, by the installation of cast iron pillars for supporting the chassis.

The balance between the right and left channels can be adjusted from the remote control.

Custom parts, such as resistors and condensers are used extensively throughout this design. Kappa alloy RCA sockets are used because of their high conductance and low resistance. Luxman has used EI transformers for over fifty years.

The fluorescent display shows the different modes as well as source selection and the volume setting, is crisp and easy to read. It may also be dimmed from the remote control.

Tone Controls

The C-600f is the only high-end preamplifier on the market today (that we know of) that has tone controls that are adjustable from the comfort of your listening chair.

Are Lady Gaga, Gwen Stefanie, Alicia Keys a little too bright (harsh) for your taste?

Do you feel that the 1960s performances of the Bernstein Mahler cycle of the 1960s are too bright and glarey?

It only takes a moment to engage the tone controls and dial back the treble by 1 or 2 dB.

The tone controls will not manipulate every recording so that they sound like a reference recording, but they make them eminently listenable. Old performances that you retired because you found them unlistenable can be given a new lease on life.

Remote Amplifier(s) Power ON / OFF

RJ11 connectors are used for the remote 12V DC trigger to power up or down the attached amplifiers.

Custom AC Inlet

In order for an amplifier to multiply the signal cleanly, it first needs to receive clean electrical power. Luxman views the AC input with great concern. Just as serious listening tests are applied to the power cables, so too is the AC inlet built to rigorous standards. With the C-600f, the AC inlet starts with high purity brass which subsequently receives a non-magnetic nickel plating and finally gold-plating is administered in order to maintain a low resistance.

Line Phase Sensor

Here is a clever device found on the back of every Luxman powered product. You press the button and it will check the phase of the electricity it is receiving. If the AC outlet in the wall is incorrectly wired, meaning the live and neutral are swapped, a red LED will turn on to warn you. You only need to press it once, when you are installing a product to check that everything is in order. It’s a simple mistake, that occurs often, and one that can seriously undermine your listening enjoyment.