Zerovibe 6050P active platform

Zerovibe 6050P active platform

Kuzma Ltd presents the Zerovibe 6050P active isolation platform designed to  eliminate  any vibration affecting audio components such as turntables, amplifiers, CD players, etc.

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Originally this was designed to isolate electronic microscopes from  ground, traffic  building and floor vibrations  in the range of  1-200 Hz. Very small vibrations mask  resolution and by eliminating them it was possible to see more  detailed and precise pictures.  Now adapted for audio use the effect is similar.  The music is far purer  with less coloration.

This is an active platform,  which senses outside vibrations and, via sensors and piezo motors (six degrees of freedom), neutralises any motion  which would otherwise transfer to the audio component.

With no bouncing spring system or movement of the platform at low frequencies, it is self levelling  and self adjusting for mass from zero to 140 kg. Simple  to use and requiring no maintenance.

Made in Switzerland.

Mass 30 kg
Top size 600x 500 mm
Height 100 mm
Load; 0-140 kg
Power 110 V or 230 V