Jeff Rownald Cadence

Jeff Rownald Cadence

Cadence External Power Supply


3.500,00 (inc. VAT)

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The Cadence Phono Stage is designed to be used with all low to medium output moving coil phono cartridges.

Use with high output moving coil cartridges (output level > 1.0 mV) is not recommended. Moving magnet cartridges cannot be used with this product.

The Cadence is unique among all phono preamplifiers offered in the market.

A specially designed phono step-up transformer, the heart of the unit, provides the ideal interface between a moving coil phono cartridge and carefully engineered low noise circuitry.

The performance parameters offered by this complement of electronic components far exceeds any other phono preamplifier/equalizer offering to date.

  • Balanced XLR inputs and outputs XLR to RCA adapters included for unbalanced (RCA type) phono interconnect cables.
  • Ideal matching to all moving coil phono cartridges with four (4) position gain and load switching capability.
  • High mass, non-resonant chassis, precision machined from 6061 aluminum plate, provides maximum isolation from distortion causing microphonics (vibration) in extremely low level circuitry.
  • Operates in conjunction with the Synergy or Coherence Preamplifiers or with the optional Cadence AC Power Supply or BPS-1 Battery Power Supply.