Do not be fooled by the VENOM USB’s reasonable price, as every aspect of its design and material construction has been optimized for superior audio performance. No similar product approaches the combination of construction quality, performance and undeniable value of Shunyata Research’s VENOM USB.

240,00 (inc. VAT)

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Unlike the majority of USB’s that are little more than re-badged printer cables, the VENOM USB uses Shunyata’s most expensive VTX (Virtual Tube Geometry) pure copper conductors, which bring a more life-like textural element and image density to visual and audio performances. The VENOM USB’s signal conductors are are completely separated from the power conductors, which is a departure from the mixed power and signal conductor bundle that comprise the vast majority of USB cable designs. This power and signal separation reduces cross-talk and noise to vanishingly low levels.

– Digital Audio Converters, computers, digital amplifers.