The ΞTRON® α ALPHA Series of power cables represent a new concept in power delivery. Three, similarly priced power cables, that are optimized for different types of audio components. One specifically tuned for digital type components that emit ultra high frequency noise. Another designed specifically for analog type components that have linear power supplies. And the third designed for high-current draw components such as high power amplifiers. The ΞTRON® α ALPHA ANALOG power cable has noise reduction capabilities so significant that they can be measured with a power analyzer. More importantly, even a brief evaluation will yield an unmistakable improvement in the performance of any analog component in a sound, recording or video system. The ΞTRON® α ALPHA ANALOG is tuned specifically for the rectifier induced noise pulses generated by linear power supplies. It delivers a dramatic measurable reduction in both component and power line generated noise.

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The functional core of the ΞTRON® α ALPHA DIGITAL is a hybrid ΞTRON® circuit which demonstrates a measurable reduction of power line noise. The ΞTRON® α ALPHA DIGITAL is essentially a dedicated power conditioner without the associated chassis, extra outlets, added cost and extra power cable of a traditional power conditioner!

3 Different Versions
– ALPHA HC (High-Current)

ΞTRON® Conductors
– CDA-101
– Dual Coincident Concentric Conductors
– Alpha Cryogenic Processed

Shunyata CopperCONN™ Connectors
– Pure Tellurium Copper Base Metal
– Nickel plated for corrosion protection
– Superior Contact Grip
– Alpha Cryogenic Treated

Test Equipement
– Fluke Model 43 Power Analyzer
– Incandescent lamp
– Paper shredder
– Belden power cord
– ΞTRON® α ALPHA DIGITAL power cord

Test Procedure
– The DUT (power cord) is plugged into a standard wall outlet.
– The lamp is connected to the IEC end of power cord and acts as a load device.
– The power analyzer leads are connected across Hot and Neutral at the exit of the power cord IEC.
– The paper shredder is plugged into the second outlet of the duplex where the DUT is connected.
– The shredder is turned on and the AC waveform is captured by the Fluke power analyzer.
– This test is repeated for each power cord.