Previously, ΞTRON® technology was only available in Shunyata Research’s reference level cables such as the ΞTRON® ANACONDA. Since Shunyata Research’s inception, designer Caelin Gabriel’s overriding goal has been to innovate technologies that offer dramatic performance advantages while lowering retail prices to make the products accessible to almost any budget.

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With the ΞTRON® VIPER, Gabriel has created a product with a proven technology and made it available at an unprecedented low price. It is the least expensive power cord using ΞTRON® technology.

For anyone seeking state-of-the-art performance without the sticker-shock price-tag, the line starts here. Using Shunyata’s DTCD® Analysis, the VIPER was designed to be compatible with all reference caliber recording or home electronics systems. The VIPER’s 11 gauge conductors make it ideal for the high-current amplifiers while maintaining the delicate nuances required by reference grade source components.

The ΞTRON® VIPER is also extremely compliant and flexible so that it can be used anywhere and fit into almost any tight space. Shunyata’s extensive competitive testing has found that no comparable product, even at four-times its price, can compete with the ΞTRON® VIPER’s transparency, dynamics and purity of tone.

ΞTRON® Conductors
– CDA-101
– Dual Coincident Concentric Conductors
– VTX Geometry
– Alpha Cryogenic Processed

DTCD™ Tested
– Designed using the Shunyata Research DTCD™ Analyzer
– Ensures maximum instantaneous current capacity

Safety Assurance
– Continuity and Polarity Tests – by two technicians
– HiPOT Tests for each cable
– Cable spools tested for insulation breakdown @ 4,000 VAC

Shunyata Craftsmanship
– Each cable built by a single Craftsman – not on an assembly line
– Each cable signed by its Craftsman
– Fit and finish that is the standard of the industry