The Z-PC10 is essentially a ΞTRON® α Series power cord but it has a much thinner body and uses small compact connects. The Z-PC10 is intended to offer a high-performance power cord option for components with narrow, or obscured IEC ports that require a narrow power cord IEC or a small conductor profile to make the connection.

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The Z-PC10 can slide through tight rack spaces, around sharp corners and navigate sharp bends with relative ease. This makes the Z-PC10’s application potential virtually limitless in any and all systems. It is available in two models with either the hybrid ΞTRON® α DIGITAL or α ANALOG circuit. Due to the small size of the connectors and the body of the cable it is not available in an HC version.

– ΞTRON® Technology
– 10 AWG ΞTRON® Conductors
– CDA-101 Copper
– Small compact IEC connector
– Very flexible and thin
– Easy to route in cabinets