The VENOM-3 power cord is likely the finest example of Shunyata Research’s commitment to manufacturing products that deliver dramatic power system performance at a value price. Shunyata Research has invested heavily in custom molds and automation processes to create a high performance power cord that outperforms products that are 3-5 times the cost.

186,00 (inc. VAT)

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The VENOM-3 is custom manufactured using Shunyata’s exclusive, high performance molded AC connectors. These see-through connector designs display the attention to detail and craftsmanship that went into their construction and careful termination.

Shunyata Research uses its own top-quality OFC copper conductors and a 100% coverage shield that isolates the critical “first few feet” of power cable from the strong fields of radiated high frequency noise from nearby electronics. The VENOM-3 is also extremely flexible and easy to place in even the most space-constrained areas and around any tight corner with ease which is a unique attribute in and of itself!

Pure OFC Copper Conductors
– Oxygen free copper
– Large 12 Gauge Conductors

Shunyata Designed Molded Connectors
– Solid Brass Contacts (not folded metal)
– Nickel Plating for Corrosion Protection
– Superior Contact Grip
– Crimped and soldered connections

DTCD™ Tested
– Designed using the Shunyata Research DTCD™ Analyzer
– Ensures maximum instantaneous current capacity

Safety Assurance
– Continuity and Polarity Tests – by two technicians
– HiPOT Tests for each cable
– Cable spools tested for insulation breakdown @ 4,000 VAC

Multiple Award-Winning Cable
– Absolute Sound 30 Best Bargains in Audio