VENOM AMP-1 is a dedicated single outlet high-current power distributor. It is ideal for mono-block amplifiers, video projectors and remotely located components. The AMP-1 was designed using Shunyata Research’s DTCD™ Analyzer to optimize instantaneous current delivery. There are no current breakers or fuses, which further streamline its dedicated purpose to optimize the performance of high power amplifiers, projectors or single component devices.

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The AMP-1 uses parts, materials and technologies developed for Shunyata Research’s award-winning reference TRITON power distributor. Shunyata Research’s Gemini module provides over 40,000 amps of surge and transient protection along with noise reduction derived from the CCI™ and MPDA™ filters. If you have multiple dedicated lines, the AMP-1 may be used to power the amplifiers while a VENOM PS8 or VENOM MPC-12 can be used to power the front-end components.

Distributed Power Conditioning
Shunyata Research pioneered the concept of Distributed Power Conditioning to solve the problems associated with power line noise in complex home entertainment systems. Home entertainment systems can be very complex involving many components located in multiple locations. These systems may use several dedicated power lines making it almost impossible to effectively reduce power line noise with a single-box power conditioner solution. Shunyata Research solves this problem by intercepting noise at multiple locations in the entertainment system using a variety of products.

Power Distributors
Shunyata power distributors supply power to multiple components while intercepting incoming power line RFI and EMI while also addressing CCI™ by reducing component-to-component interference. The use of DTCD™ Analysis has enabled Shunyata Research to develop multiple noise reduction technologies that do not compromise instantaneous current delivery.

NR Power Cables
Shunyata Research has developed several “noise reduction” power cables that measurably reduce power supply generated noise. The noise is intercepted by the power cord and dissipated before it has the opportunity to propagate throughout the power system.

Remote Solutions
The VENOM AMP-1 is a single outlet device that includes surge protection and noise reduction and was deigned specifically for mono-block amplifiers and video projectors. The VENOM DEFENDER is a unique “pocket power conditioner” that was designed for a remotely located single component. It plugs directly into the AC duplex eliminating the need for a conventional power conditioner and the associated power cabling. i.e. A SONOS™ single-box audio component supplying music to a den or bedroom.