The VENOM MPC-12 “C” is a “media power center” designed specifically for computer-based audio, video and musicserver-based systems. Computer-media based music systems use several digital or processing components associated with computers (server). These devices are often made with commodity power supplies that put out significant amounts of power line noise. The MPC-12C is designed specifically to segregate or “firewall” the computer or video related components — preventing them from polluting the performance of your high-end analog components.

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The MPC-12C (Media Power Center) has two independent zones of 6 outlets each, for a total of 12 outlets. Zones separate analog and digital components or between amplifiers and source components. The “C” designation stands for computer although  can also be used in all forms of audio/video systems. The two isolated zones are labeled “A/V Zone 1” and “A/V Zone 2”.

The MPC-12 “C” is Shunyata Research’s most finely tuned power distributor in terms of its system specific design and function. Essentially, the MPC-12 contains two separate power conditioners starting from the power inlet. In section one, The MPC-12 “C” uses Shunyata’s finest CCI™ (Component-to-Component Interference) filter arrays to reduce noise and enhance performance while still allowing for maximum current-delivery to even the most power hungry amplifiers.

The other side of the MPC-12 “C”, employs a custom-manufactured hand-wound air coil which literally fire-walls intense computer or video generated noise from affecting the components plugged into the second bank of six high-current/Analog outlets.

For those with computer audio or video centric systems, the MPC-12 “C” is the best choice. Both MPC-12 models feature on-board surge, spike and over-current protection, including a built-in status L.E.D. indicator.