Solid Alloy Powercord

A peerless powercord that takes your audio system towards perfection. It is a magnificent companion to top audio equipment. You will be astounded by the enormous improvement after Kosmos is plugged in. Every bit of hidden potential will be released immediately. It has the best of both worlds; sound details are crystal clear, and low pitch sound has as much power as it needs. The sound quality is just flawless.

3.349,86 (inc. VAT)

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  • A superb-quality alloy of precious metals is chosen for making the solid-core wiring(14 AWG x 6). It offers much better conductivity than pure silver or copper
  • All conductors are annealed at +800 °C and then cryogenically treated at -196 °C . This thermal cycle brings the material to a structurally perfect condition.


  • Length: 1.8 m
  • Available Plugs: US 15 A / UK 13A / Europe Schuko