Coliseum II

Coliseum II

Cryo Powercord
With Coliseum II, you can be ‘at the coliseum ‘, listening to live performance, wherever you are. The cable’s supreme conductivity from very best silver wires offer almost lossless transmission of sound signals. The wires are weaved into a special pattern, reducing noise in the electric current. Coliseum II is a an astounding example of how technology can break through limits, with the help of craftsmanship.

2.414,03 (inc. VAT)

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  • Comprises of top-quality copper and astro-industrial-grade silver wire for near-absolute conductivity (12 AWG x 4)
  • Special spring wiring clears up the noise in electric currents
  • 6 super-thick insulation layers, giving unmatched insulation from outside interference
  • Space filled with carbon minerals to absorb static interference
  • Nylon anti-static shielding
  • Extra thick shell, made from top-grade aluminium alloy
  • -196 °C cryogenic treatment applied to whole cable and platinum-plated connectors


  • Length: 2.8 m
  • Available Connectors: banana / spade

6 different insulation layers protection

special spring wiring design

filled with carbon minerals