Compli Blue 3D

Compli Blue 3D

The Best Blu-Ray Reproduction on the Planet. Period.

Theta Digital’s Compli Blu 3D, from the company whose expertise in this field spans over two decades, is the latest and most powerful in our long line of transports.

Designed to be the perfect complement for our own Theta Casablanca Music and Cinema Controllers, the Compli Blu 3D is a purely digital audio player with no analog audio outputs! Our simple reasoning: The DACs in the Casablanca are the best; Use them.

Dave Reich, Theta Digital’s chief engineer and long-time audiophile, designed the power supply using a custom toroidal transformer, added RF filtering to reduce any possible noise and removed the analog circuitry to minimize any possible interference from ground-currents that could detract from world-class digital audio output.

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The Compli Blu 3D supports 7.1 lossless audio from DTS and Dolby (DTS-HD Master Audio; Dolby TrueHD), plays SACD (DSD or PCM over HDMI), DVD-A, and CD.

For video, we are pleased to report that we use the industry’s top-performing Blu-ray loader and video board with Marvell’s Qdeo processing. This insures that regardless of the video mode chosen or the origination of the program material, Compli Blu 3D users will have 100% color accuracy, top-flight cadence detection and deinterlacing yielding optimum performance in their own installation. The Compli Blu 3D even scales DVD and streaming-video to near-HD status. Of course, the Compli Blu 3D plays all forms of 3D from available discs.

Proprietary Theta Digital custom software delivers superior performance and can be easily updated via USB or Ethernet when required with files downloadable from Theta Digital’s website.

The Compli Blue 3D offers convenience features and creature-comforts to add versatility to our audiophile/videophile platform. Using the included WiFi adapter (compatible with 802.11 b/g/n), or the built-in RJ45 Ethernet port, users can stream NetFlix, VuDu, Pandora and others directly plus the Compli 3D is DLNA compliant for streaming A/V playback from a PC or laptop.

Control is available from the front panel, the supplied IR remote control or via RS-232. (Theta Digital’s latest Crestron control module including an application for use with the iPad will be available for download from early in 2013).

With a heavy, 16-gauge steel-chassis, custom extruded ½ thick aluminum front panel, and alloy top-cover the Compli Blu 3D is as beautiful as it is rugged. Built to last a lifetime, we feel certain that you will agree with our axiom: Theta Digital is Digital Done Right.