NF-AIR Splitters

NF-AIR Splitters

By using ViaBlue™ splitters cables are assembled professionally. Sensitive leads are stabilized and fixed in best postion. ViaBlue™ splitters are assembled on cables before attaching connectors. The splitters are fixed by two M4 screws. For additional stabilization it’s recommended to use ViaBlue™ heat shrink tubing for splitters.

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NF-AIR splitters have a total length of 45 mm and an outer diameter of 27 mm. The cable entry has a size of Ø 18 mm, the cable outlet has one opening with Ø 10.9 mm. Thus, the NF-AIR splitter are used for cables up to Ø 18.0 / 10.9 mm.

Technical specifications:

  • Total lenght: 45.0 mm
  • Outer diameter: 27.0 mm
  • Inner diameter: 18.0 mm
  • Diameter of cable outlet: 10.9 mm