NF-S1 RCA Phono cable 250cm

NF-S1 RCA Phono cable 250cm

ViaBlue™ NF-S1 RCA-PHONO interconnects yield music with faithful reproduction at all frequencies. The sound is completely linear and undistorted. The silver-plating of both screens makes it possible to perceive even the most subtle musical variations in the high-frequency range with hi-fidelity. The goal is to play back music the same way it was recorded – without any distortion. NF-S1 performs this task exceptionally well.

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The balanced construction has two inner tin-plated 0.5 mm2 copper wires with 19 individual strands (19 x 0.185 mm) and polyethylene insulation. Two twisted PVC insulators are used as fillers. The Quattro Silver Shield multiple screening has two ALU-PETP films and two silver-plated spiral wrap screens running in opposite directions with fine 0.15 mm strands. There is a felt layer between the screen and the outer cladding to protect the outer silver screen. NF-S1 has an outside diameter of 8 mm.

Terminated with T6s RCA/PHONO plugs.

NF-S1 RCA-PHONO cables are assembled with ViaBlue™ T6s RCA and T6s phono connectors that both have pins made of bronze. They ensure extremely strong contact pressure and thus very low contact resistance. The NF-S1 cables are braided with the ViaBlue™ Cobra protective sleeve.

Technical specifications:

  • Outer diameter mono: 2X 9 mm | stereo: 1X 18 mm
  • Screenings: 4 (2X spiral screen / 2X foil screen)
  • Connectors: T6s rca / phono connectors
  • Finishing: silvered / tinned
  • Capacity conductor: 50pF/M | screen: 100 pF/M
  • Marking: black / red
  • Play in time: appr. 22 hours