TVR 2.0 Silver Sat cable 100cm

TVR 2.0 Silver Sat cable 100cm

With sophisticated technology and high-purity OFC copper, the digital and HDTV-capable ViaBlue ™ TVR 2.0 Silver high-end satellite cables transmit high-resolution images and audio signals completely and detail-wise. ViaBlue ™ TVR 2.0 Silver satellite cables connect high-quality audio and video receivers such as TVs, receivers and tuners.

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With a 6-fold shielding consisting of two braid shields with silver-tin mix (silver-plated / tin-plated) and 4 foil shields (ALU-PE-TAPE), a full shielding factor of 100% is achieved Is available. The solid copper conductor is insulated by a physically foamed dielectric. The result is flicker-free pictures and noise-free sound signals of first-class quality.

Braided are TVR 2.0 Silver Sat cables with the ViaBlue Cobra protective fabric and reach an outer diameter of approx. 9 mm including protective and insulating braided hose.

TVR 2.0 Silver Sat cables are made with ViaBlue ™ T6s F-connectors, which through their 24 karat genuine gold-plated contacts reduce transition resistors to a minimum. The plug-in part of the T6s screw plug is completely and completely closed inside the housing at 360 ° and thus also protects the connection to 100% of possible interferences at the sensitive transition point from cable to plug. The intermediate currents occurring between coils and coaxial cables are eliminated by integrated jacket current filters.

Technical specifications:

  • Outside diameter: 9 mm
  • Shielding: 6 (2x braid / 4x screen screen)
  • Connector: T6s F connector
  • Finishes: silver plated
  • Copper: high purity OFC copper
  • Labeling: black