H-FLEX Optical Toslink cable

H-FLEX Optical Toslink cable

ViaBlue™ H-Flex optical digital fiber cables are optical high-end digital cables that transmit digital signals by fiber optics technology. Electrical interference fields thus have no influence on the transmission.

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H-Flex toslink cables are the professional optical connection between high-end devices such as amplifiers, CD/DVD player, etc. The H-Flex toslink cables function with optimal light efficiency through the manufacture of a special fiber for the optical wave guide. A very high flexibility is achieved through several processing sequences with application of insulation layers with different materials, which allows tight bending radii without any problems and without increasing the attenuation rates. Even with higher bending, the H-Flex fiber optic cables transmit without errors.

The very high-quality inner optical wave guide is protected by a special soft plastic mixture. Directly over it, there is another thin, hardened plastic layer for stabilizing the position and fixing the sensitive inner construction. The thick outer shell protects these three inner layers from breaking or other damage.

Technical specifications:

  • Outer diameter: 8 mm
  • Features: very high bending protection
  • Fiber diameter: 1 mm
  • Fiber material: Polymethyl Methacrylate
  • Play in time: appr. 12 hours