NF-75 Silver-Series Digital cable

NF-75 Silver-Series Digital cable

ViaBlue™ NF-75 RCA S/PDIF interconnects are coaxial high-end digital cables with ideal electrical values. They enable error-free and correct transmission of digital signals. With a base line requirement of a 75-Ohm surge impedance, a polyethylene foam dielectric and a silver-plated shield are further applied as technical refinements. This leads to extremely low resistance values and thus to maximum transmission speeds of digital electric signals. The ViaBlue™ silver shield, NF-75 interconnects have a 100% surface casing shield from electrical interference fields. The screen is composed of an aluminum foil sheath and a silver-plated braided sheath.

10,90 (inc. VAT)

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Technical specifications:

  • Outer diameter: 8 mm
  • Screenings: 2 (2X foil / 1X braid)
  • Finishing: silvered / tinned
  • Capacity / impedance: 52pF/M / 75 OHM
  • Play in time: appr. 12 hours