NF-S2 XLR cable 100cm

NF-S2 XLR cable 100cm

ViaBlue™ NF-S2 cables are balanced digital cables with impedance of 110 ohms. They are AES / EBU and DMX512 compliant.

The symmetrical structure of the NF-S2 has two tin-plated 0.5 mm2 copper lines each with 19 strands (19 x 0.185 mm) and polyethylene insulation. As fillers two stranded PVC isolators are used.

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The double screening has an ALU-PETP foil shield and a silver spiral screen with fine 0.15 mm single wires. To protect the silver shield a fleece foil between the screen and outer sheath is present. The made-NF-S2 has an outer diameter of 9 mm.

Technical specifications:

  • Outer diameter: 9 mm
  • Screenings: 2 (1X foil / 1X spiral)
  • Finishing: silvered / tinned
  • Impedance: 110 Ohm
  • Play in time: appr. 14 hours